3 Men at the Pearly Gates

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3 men die in a car crash and are sent to the pearly gates. Having all lived good lives, they were all allowed in but they had certain restrictions. God told them that he would ask them a question. They should answer truthfully and depending on how they answer they will receive a home and a vehicle.
God asked the first man, "How many times have you cheated on your wife?"
The man said, "None. Never once."
God says, "Good. For being faithful you get a mansion and a stretch limo with a chaffeur."
Then God asks the second man how many times he's cheated.
The man says, "Only twice."
God says, "That is bad but at least you lived the rest of your life well. Have a 2 story house and a nice SUV."
Then God asks the third man the same question as the first two.
The third man says, "Lord, 8 times. I am sorry."
God is appalled, but the man is still a good man and he lets him in with an apartment and a used station wagon.
Later the second and third man see the first man crying his eyes out.
They say, "You got the limo and a mansion; why are you crying?"
The man says, "Earlier today, I saw my wife on rollerblades!"

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Posted by Newf Jun 02, 2003

He He He Good one!!!!!

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Posted by avril_lavigne Sep 19, 2003

I get it the wife of the first man cheated so many times she got roller blades 4 transportation GOOD ONE! ha ha ha lmao ROFL LOL

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Posted by markmonnin Nov 11, 2005

Very Clever!

Comment score: 1  

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