Three Chinese Men

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There were three Chinese men who were new to America. They went inside a telephone booth to make a call and they dialed the operator. The operator said i dont understand you, please call back when you know some english. So they were looking around and they heard someone say, "I did it! I did it!" So the first Chinese man learned those words. Then the second Chinese man heard someone say, "For 50 cents, 50 cents." so he learned those words. Then the third man heard someone say, "Im first. Im first." so the last Chinese guy learned those words. Then right in front of them was a body that was murdered. A cop came and took them to court. So when they went to court the judge asked, "Who did it?" The first chinese guy said,"I did it! i did it!" Then the judge asked, "Why?" and the second chinese said, "For 50 cents, 50 cents." Then the judge said, "You know you guys are going to be electrocuted. The last Chinese guy said, "I'm first I'm first."

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