Head and Shoulders

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A blonde and a brunette are in an elevator when a good-looking man enters. They notice that, though he is very handsome, he has very bad dandruff. He gets off at his floor, and when the doors close, the brunette looks at the blond and says, "Someone needs to give him some Head and Shoulders". The blonde replies, "How do you give someone shoulders?"

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Posted by zinzey16 Jan 12, 2005

Hilarious!!!! Nice submission!!

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Posted by Newf Jan 13, 2005


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Posted by jonesy Jan 13, 2005

Thanks so much you guys!

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Posted by bird_luver Jan 16, 2005

i dont get it

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Posted by jonesy Jan 18, 2005

Hey bird luver, I would explain but I'm not sure of your age and so I don't know if you should understand it. Sorry!

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Posted by bird_luver Jan 31, 2005

im old enough to know, if thats what u mean

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Posted by purplepineapple Feb 18, 2005

I luv this joke!!! it's amafabophenomlouszingenal!!

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Posted by bird_luver Mar 05, 2005

when i finally do get it, its gr8t!!!

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Posted by putzz7993 Mar 24, 2005

great one and by the way whats amafabopenomlouszingena

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Posted by dawen Oct 04, 2005

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