The Mugging of a Lawyer

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A mugger approached a very well-dressed and dignified lawyer on a deserted street one night:

"Gimme your wallet and the keys to your car!"

The lawyer shook his head and said in a patronizing tone: "Do you have ANY idea what it's like to walk in my shoes or wear my clothes? I have more responsibility than you could imagine. I have a family and a firm with a hundred employees. I am in charge of it all! Look at these clothes! Do you know what I have to earn to WEAR a $3,000 suit like this? Look at this fifty dollar necktie! And these cufflinks! Now try to imagine what it is like to walk in these thousand dollar shoes! If you DID know, you would not mug me!"

The mugger looked at the pinstriped suit, the silk tie, the white shirt and the polished black business shoes worn by the lawyer.

He started to cry.

"I...I'm sorry!" he said. You're right!!"

And he lowered the gun.

"I don't want your wallet anymore or your car!"

"Now that's a sensible decision, my good man!" said the lawyer.

"NO! NO!" said the mugger. "I changed my mind! You convinced me! I have to UNDERSTAND! Now take off your clothes and hand them over!" And he pointed the gun at the lawyer.

The stunned lawyer begged and pleaded, but the mugger just pointed the gun. The lawyer finally was forced to take off his polished shoes and his socks, and then his business suit, shirt, cufflinks, suspenders and tie. Finally he had stripped naked and the mugger put on the lawyer's clothes.

The mugger looked surprised.

"Ya know? I still don't get it! I'll take your car and your wallet, too!"

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Posted by juice_bookworm Sep 25, 2005

will someone pls explain... i dont get the joke.... plss explain....

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