The Girlfriend

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A man walks into a bar and has a lot of drinks. He gets completely wasted. He mentions to the bartender that he has his girlfriend sitting in his new corvette outside so she can drive him home.

While the bartender went outside to throw out the garbage he notices a corvette with a man and a woman making out in it. He goes back into the bar and tells the man to go check on his girl.

The man leaves and comes back laughing and staggering a few minutes later.

Confused the bartender asks what is so funny.

The man replies, "My friend Bobby is so wasted he thinks he's me!"

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Posted by alex1234 Jul 25, 2003

can you explain it?

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Posted by flamehead Jan 19, 2007

He is so wasted he doesn't relize his girlfriend is cheeting on him w/ his friend.

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