Depressed Man

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There was once a very depressed man that went to see the psychiatrist. He was advised to go on a holiday to unwind and relax his mental and emotional burdens. Upon his return from the holiday, the man's assistant went to the airport to welcome him back.

Man: "How's everything here?"

Assistant: "Well, nothing much, but your dog died."

Man: "How did he die?"

Assistant: "Well, because he ate burned horse meat."

Man: "Where did the meat come from?"

Assistant: Well..your ranch caught fire and burned down."

Man: "What? How did that happen?"

Assistant: "It was the sparks from your house that started the fire on the ranch."

Man: "What? A fire broke out in my house?"

Assistant: "Yes, the curtains caught fire from your mother's altar."

Man: "My mum's what?"

Assistant: "Oh..your mother's altar. Well, she died."

Man: "All this happened and you said nothing much had taken place? How did she die?"

Assistant: "Well..your wife ran away with another man and your mother had a heart attack."

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Posted by shuangxineige Sep 10, 2004

best joke yet!

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