A Short History Of Medicine

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Nothing has really changed, even though we think we've gotten smarter, and technologically advanced. We've just gone back to square one!

"Doctor, I have an ear ache."

2000 B.C. - "Here, eat this root."
1000 B.C. - "That root is heathen, say this prayer."
1850 A.D. - "That prayer is superstition, drink this potion."
1940 A.D. - "That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill."
1985 A.D. - "That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic."
2004 A.D. - "That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root!"

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Posted by tissue Jun 23, 2004

Haha, that's hilarious!

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Posted by kitty_08540 Apr 23, 2005

It's actually true.

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Posted by monkeygirl May 29, 2005

good one...

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Posted by ashleyrena143 Jun 13, 2005

that sounds about right

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Posted by shimmermaid Sep 04, 2005


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