Order of Monks

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A silent Order of Monks is allowed to eat only porridge and speak just once a month. One month, Friar Albert stood up and said, "I hate porridge." A month of silence passes by and Friar Barnaby stands to say, "I like porridge." Another silent month goes by when Head Master Geoff rises and says...

"Would you two stop this constant bickering!"

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Posted by anchmike Apr 09, 2004

This is similar to another joke on this site, but I thought sufficiently different as not to be a DUPE! Hope you like it!

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Posted by SamanthaGold Aug 10, 2005

I don't get it ??

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Posted by sccrclssc5 Jan 02, 2006

I liked it! Samantha- It's that the monks could only speak once a month, and two monks spent their time by saying that they liked or hated the porridge that they ate....Then another monk said to stop constantly bickering, only it wasn't so constant, because they could only speak once a month......umm....yeah.....

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Posted by shimmermaid Jan 02, 2006

Oi've... Funny!

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