Desert Island Dicks

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A man who had been shipwrecked on a desert island for several years is starting to feel the effects of being starved of sex for so long. However, the only living creatures on the island are a dog and a pig. One day, the man decides he's had enough and thinks to himself that it has to be the pig. But every time he approaches the sow for his moment of passion the dog bites the man's backside. This continues for several days and the man is beginning to get frustrated. But one morning, the man's luck changes: out to sea he notices a beautiful young woman on the point of drowning. He swims over, drags her out on to the beach and gives her the kiss of life. The woman comes to and is very grateful. "Thank you so much," she says. "I will do anything for you, and I mean absolutely anything." The man can't believe his luck and quickly replies, "You wouldn't mind taking that bloody dog for a walk would you?"

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Posted by SweetTooth1479 Jul 27, 2005


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Posted by buttons Sep 22, 2005

The sun must have got to his head. he he he

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Posted by enderofgames Oct 20, 2008

I Lawld. Can't stop, xcept to go to favs.

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