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There once was a set of twin alligators that grew up in the same bayou. One, however, was much larger and stronger than the other.

One day the twins were sitting there talking, and trying to figure out why one was so much bigger - since they were the same age, had the same genes, and grew up in the same place. The bigger alligator asked his smaller brother where he had been feeding. The smaller said, "down in that parking lot at the end of the bayou, why?". The bigger said, "well, thats where I feed too, what's your technique?"

The smaller then looked at him and said "well, I go over to one of those lawyers cars, and hide up under it, when he comes out, I grab him, shake the shit out of him, and then eat him."

The larger then exclaimed, "that's it! by the time you shake the shit out of a lawyer, there's nothing left but the briefcase!"

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