Dog Fight

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A guy walks into a bar with his dog on a leash the barman says, "Geez that's a weird dog; he's stumpy-legged, pink, and doesn't have a tail, but I bet my rottweiler would beat the heck out of it."
50 bucks is laid down. Out in the yard the rottweiler gets mauled to pieces.

Another drinker says his pit bull will win, but the bet is 100 bucks.

Another trip to the yard and when it's finished there are bits of pit-bull terrier all over the place. The drinker pays up and asks, "Say what breed is that anyway?"

The owner says, "Until I cut his tail off and painted it pink it was the same breed as every other alligator."

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Posted by SamanthaGold Jul 27, 2005

I didn't get it until the end, but hilarious all the same!!

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