The End is Near

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A man is driving down the road when he spots 2 priests on the side nailing signs into the ground.

The first sign says, "The End is Near!!" The man turns to look at the other mans sign and it reads, "Turn back while you still can!"

The man then sticks his head out his car window and yells, "Leave everyone alone, you religious nutcases!" as he drives by. A few seconds later the two priests hear a splash.

The first priest turns to the second and says, "Maybe we should just put up a 'Bridge Out' sign."

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Posted by Newf Nov 04, 2003

I've always liked that one

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Posted by bigpimp89 Nov 16, 2003

that was really funny...i never heard that joke b4...but i am glad i did...good job...

Comment score: 3  

Posted by arjun Dec 12, 2003

really good joke!! made me laugh from the inside - something that doesn't happen very often!! good work!

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Posted by buggzter98 Dec 04, 2004

that was a good one, but i already knew the punch line before i finished the 1st sentence.

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Posted by maddieisacocker Dec 04, 2004

Nice joke, kinda !!!

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Posted by okie12342004 Dec 04, 2005


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Posted by monkey_D_Luffy Dec 04, 2005

good one.

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Posted by shimmermaid Dec 04, 2005

Lol! I like this!

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Posted by locked_in_hell Jan 03, 2007


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