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A man walks up to the bartender in a bar and says, "I bet you twenty dollars I can pee into that cup over there." He points to a cup over the bar about 4 feet away. The bartender says sure, positive that the man can't do it and he's about to make 20 bucks. Sure enough, the man ends up peeing all over the bar, anywhere but in the cup. The bartender, laughing, collects twenty dollars. The man is still smiling. Curious, the bartender asks, "You just lost your bet. Why are you smiling?"

"Well," said the man, "I just bet that man over there that I could pee all over your bar and you wouldn't do anything but laugh."

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Posted by avril_lavigne Nov 24, 2003

i Love these types of books

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Posted by avril_lavigne Nov 24, 2003


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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 04, 2006

That's from the movie 'Desperado'(Antonio Banderas).

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