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Fred and his brother, "Donkey" walk into a pub and Fred gets the first pint in and says, "I'll have a pint for me and a pint for Donkey."
The two guys drink their pints and Fred says, "Right donkey your round; I'll have a pint of Guiness."

Donkey walks up to the bar and says, "2 p p p p pints of g g g g Guiness p p p please."

While donkey gets the pints, Fred goes to the toilet and the barman says, "Say, you shouldn't let him call you that stupid nickname."

Donkey replies, "I know. He aw.. he aww... he awwwwww, he always calls me 'Donkey.'"

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Posted by maria_08540 Mar 19, 2005

i don't get it.

Comment score: 2  

Posted by SexyChic Jun 05, 2005

That was real funny! No wonder he called him 'Donkey'!

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Posted by juggleboy502 Jun 16, 2005

huh? i dont get it? that didnt make much sense...

Comment score: 3  

Posted by silly_goose Aug 19, 2005

LOL! I've heard it before. My aunt told it REALLY much, the 'hee hawing' embarassed her Ohh...good times, good times

Comment score: 2  

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