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There was this woman who had a blonde daughter. One day, she got her ball stuck in the tree.
"Mom, my ball's stuck in the tree. Can I go get it?" she asked.
"No, the perverted boy will look up your skirt and see your underwear. Wait till daddy gets home."
The little girl furiously stomped away.
About an hour later, before her husband came home, the woman saw her daughter playing with her ball.
"How did you get your ball?"
"Well, you said that you didn't want the boy to see my underwear, so I took it off."

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Posted by PDiddle Jan 12, 2004

That should be under Gross

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Posted by crazy_4_monkeys Apr 23, 2005

i no really !!!

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Posted by salem33466 Apr 16, 2006

you copied mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I subitted that joke forever ago!!!!!!!!!!

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