The Teacher, the Thief & the Lawyer

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A teacher, a thief and a lawyer all die in the same freak accident. So when they reach the pearly gates, St. Peter tells them that, unfortunately, heaven is overcrowded, so they each have to answer a question correctly for admission.
The teacher is first, and St. Peter asks, "Name the famous ship that was sunk by an iceberg?"

"Phew, that one's easy," says the teacher, "The Titanic."

"Alright," said St.Peter, "you may pass."

Then the thief got his question: "How many died on the Titanic?"

The thief replied, "That's a toughy, but fortunately I just saw the movie. The answer is 1500 people." And so he passed through.

Last, St. Peter gave the lawyer his question: "Name them

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Posted by fuzzie277 Jan 31, 2005

A perrenial favorite. This one always gives me a chuckle.

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Posted by Sybyl Jan 31, 2006

I've have never heard it before, It's very funny HAHAHA! and I am so glad I am not the lawyer!!!!

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Posted by honey_11 Jan 31, 2006

hehe...that is pretty funny...i am glad i'm not the lawyer, too!

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Posted by dulinski102 Jan 31, 2006


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Posted by bananasisthisx Jan 31, 2006

i dont get it

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Posted by ansh93 Jan 31, 2006

He asks a hard question because lawyers aren't wanted in heavan

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Posted by brain_dead Jan 31, 2006

nice joke but that must suck

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Posted by bananasisthisx Feb 01, 2006

o0o0o0 thanx

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Posted by shimmermaid Feb 04, 2006

Interesting....sounds like modified Aesop's fables...

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Posted by sybyl Feb 05, 2006

I thought that was funny.

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Posted by Josy Mar 22, 2010

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