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A young boy comes down to breakfast one morning. His mother asks, "Have you done your chores yet?"
"No," replies the boy, "but could I have breakfast first?"

"You know the rules, go outside and clean the chicken coop, milk the cow and feed the pigs."

The boy goes down to the chicken coop and lazily cleans it. When he is finished he kicks a chicken. Next, he walks to the barn and takes out the old milking cow. After milking her thoroughly, he kicks her. Then the boy gets the food and feeds the pigs. Once he is done he kicks a pig.

Finally, the boy runs back to his house, very hungry. His mother gives him a plate with nothing on it but an apple. Disappointed, the boy says, "Where's my eggs, my milk and my sausage?"

"Well," says his mother, "I saw you kick a chicken, so now you don't get eggs. I saw you kick the cow, so now you don't get milk. I saw you kick the pig, so now you don't get any sausage."

Just then, the boy's father walks in and kicks the cat. The boy says to his mother, "Should I tell him now, or do you want to?"

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Posted by absy Dec 07, 2003

OMG this is so funny...goin on my faves....yay for this one!

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Posted by kgirlca Feb 10, 2004


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Posted by ansh93 Feb 06, 2005


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Posted by Sarah5225766 Feb 27, 2005

lol! Hilaroius, i read this before, but with something about squishing bugs!

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Posted by juggleboy502 May 14, 2005

i dont get it

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Posted by juggleboy502 May 18, 2005

can someone explain pleez?

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Posted by JessicaLynn May 21, 2005

I dont get it.

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Posted by ugogurl10 May 22, 2005

don't get it

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Posted by sophia7 Jun 14, 2005

its a sorta dupe...cuz there is one like it.......but not exctly...its the one about bugs.....yea...the boy doesnt get butter or honey cuz he smooshed a butterfly and a bee..then his mom kills a bug

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Posted by seraphim Jul 16, 2005

Hilarious! I read the bug one too,except its the mom who isn't gettin' any in that one

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Posted by scatteam_2 Apr 15, 2007

because eggs come from chickens so he doesn't get any for kicking it, milk come from cows, and sausage comes from pigs. then the dad comes in and kicks the cat so he doesn't get any cat too eat. get it?

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