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A man was on a bridge as a news reporter walked by. She was told that if she didn't cover another story in 2 hours, she'd be fired. All of a sudden, the man starts to count "1,2,.."
"Wait!" interrupts the reporter.
"What is it?"
"What are you trying to do?"
"I'm going to commit suicide."
"May I join you?"
The two shout "1,2..."
They're interrupted by a man walking down the street.
"May I join you?" he asks.

As soon as the two men said 3, they jumped off, but the clever reporter stayed behind.

"3,2,1, and cue!"
"Good evening, I am just arriving at the scene of a crime. Two men just jumped off of this bridge."

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Posted by avril_lavigne Sep 18, 2003

its funny and all but I already heard this one too many times...

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