Public Restroom

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A man is sitting at his register and a beautiful young women comes in asking to use the bathroom. Even though she is beautiful the man refuses to let her use it. At least until she buys something. So she buys a pack of gum and then asks again. He says, "yes."

She comes out a few minutes later, and in her most seductive voice starts talking to him, she slips her finger in his mouth and lets him lick it for awhile. After a while she pops her finger out of his mouth and says, "You're out of toilet paper."

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Posted by Christina0213 Mar 19, 2003

Ewww ewww ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Lol

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Posted by dancinchick9190 Mar 21, 2003

At first this joke sounds nasty but the last comment she made cracked me up I loved that joke nice job

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Posted by datra16 Mar 24, 2003

mmm, i've heard better versions, and the hilarious part is, they were about a woman in a bar! hehe

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Posted by snowmachine88 May 21, 2003

I think i could tell what was on her finger

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Posted by mathlover639 Nov 25, 2005

that's sick and wrong and gross but funny

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Posted by nogakitty Dec 03, 2005


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Posted by Smarty_Pants321 Dec 13, 2011


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