Trying on Shoes

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A man goes into a shoe store and asks to try on a pair of shoes. They were a bit snug.

"Well, they feel a bit tight," says the man.

The salesman bends down and feels around. He suggests pulling the tongue out, then asks, "How do they feel now?"

"Well, dey shtill feel a bit thight"

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Posted by dsquared Mar 19, 2003

Hehe, that's a good giggle.

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Posted by avril_lavigne Nov 23, 2003

lol ! one thing though I triedsayin that last part and you can't say that sentence becuase you have to use your tounge lol just teling ya no offence

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Posted by Drunky Nov 26, 2003

I can actually say it with my tongue out and it still sounds like what I wrote. Thats the point of the joke....

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Posted by Newf Dec 05, 2003

Good Joke

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Posted by shimmermaid Jun 05, 2005


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Posted by darthforman Jun 06, 2005

heyth thath'ss gooth!!!

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