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Three men, two brunettes and a blond, are being chased by a tiger through the jungle. They get to a river and have two choices: 1. Get across the river without being eaten by pirannhas or 2. Get eaten by the tiger.
They spot a genie and the genie says I can grant you one wish..

The first blond man thinks "I wish I can get across safely." He swims across and makes it without a scratch.
The second blond man says "I want to be even smarter than the first man." He climbed onto a raft and paddled across.
The brunette thinks "I want to be the smartest of them all". Instantly, he turned into a woman, and she walked across a nearby bridge.

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Posted by Drunky Mar 18, 2003

I dont mean to nitpick but you messed this joke up. You say 2 brunettes at the beginning but then theres only 1 in the end. And isnt there suppose to be a genie of some type?

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Posted by Gr8girl Apr 03, 2004

I think its funny, but I agree, there are some mistakes.

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Posted by juggleboy502 Aug 04, 2005

some mistakes, still hilarious though!

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Posted by ComfyAndJoy Jan 31, 2007

soooo true

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Posted by Battery Apr 03, 2007

and tigers cant cross bridges?

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