A Blonde Rancher

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A blonde has just inherited a Ranch but only had two horses. The problem was she couldn't tell them apart. So she goes to her neighbor rancher and asks for help. He suggests cutting ones tail a bit shorter then the other. She does it but then a week later she comes back and tells the neighbor rancher that it grew back. So he tells her to tie a different colored string around one of the horses neck. She does it but a week later the tie slips off and she has to go back to the neighbor. So he suggest she paint a different color spot on each of the horses. She does and comes back a week later with cookies.
She tells the neighbor rancher, "Here I baked these for you. Your plan worked perfectly. I painted a red spot on the black horse and a blue spot on the white horse."

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Posted by schatzy228 Dec 07, 2005

maybe the funniest one i ever heard

Comment score: 4  

Posted by honey_11 Feb 03, 2006

lol pretty funny

Comment score: 0  

Posted by Dawn830w Feb 03, 2006

One of the best blonde jokes that I have ever heard.

Comment score: 1  

Posted by Kairi Feb 03, 2006

Thatz da funnyest joke ever

Comment score: 0  

Posted by sillygoose22 Feb 03, 2006

pretty good... although my blonde friend didnt get it at first.

Comment score: 3  

Posted by celanba Feb 05, 2006

I really don't get it.

Comment score: 3  

Posted by shimmermaid Feb 06, 2006

I...uh...don't really get this...

Comment score: 3  

Posted by cartwheelmac Feb 07, 2006

The blond couldn't tell a black horse and a white horse apart! Does that help?

Comment score: 3  

Posted by ComfyAndJoy Jan 31, 2007

it helps but Y couldn't she tell them apart?

Comment score: 1  

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