The Hat Seller

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A man selling hats went to a jungle for a rest. A monkey came and stole a hat. The man couldn't catch the monkey. He realized the monkey followed the man's actions. He threw the hat to the ground. The monkey threw the hat to the ground. He picked up both hats and went away.

The man then had a grandson who followed the family business and sold hats. The grandson went to a jungle to rest while selling hats. A monkey came and stole a hat. The grandson thought of his grandfather's story, and threw the hat on the floor. The monkey ran and picked up the hat. It then slapped the grandson, saying, "You think you're the only one having a grandfather?"

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Posted by bigpimp89 Sep 20, 2003

hey...i don't get it!!! lol

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Posted by absy Dec 07, 2003

it was just funny till i saw the monkey slap the grandson...omg that got me rollin...just picture a monkey slappin a human...omg

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