Mirror Mirror

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A woman went to shop for a mirror when she chanced upon an expensive one. When she asked why, the salesman told her it was magical, that if you recited a rhyme in front of it, your wishes would come true. The woman bought it and hung it on the door at home.

Mirror Mirror on the door
Make my busts a forty-four

The woman instantly had a huge chest. She told her husband but he was in doubt. He went to the mirror then and said:

Mirror Mirror on the door
Make my penis hit the floor

His legs were missing, leaving stumps mid-thigh.

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Posted by fauck Sep 04, 2004

what is this about??

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Posted by fauck May 22, 2005

please help me. don't be rude.

Comment score: 5  

Posted by Kelcie Jul 16, 2005

i dont get it either

Comment score: 5  

Posted by fauck Aug 28, 2005

what? i cant keep with your wrong spelling

Comment score: 5  

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