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Two men were running for the same seat in their state senate. The two men had just finished meeting for lunch in a restaurant.

Said the first man "I'm going to win the election because I put in a personal touch. For example, I left the waiter a ten dollar tip so that he would vote for me."

"That's nothing," replies the second man to the first, "I left the waiter a 5 cent tip, and told him that I was your campaign manager."

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Posted by alex1234 Aug 29, 2003

holly crap fatty lumpkin i am sick of your gay comments...... stop pissing me quado and everyone off! and what is with ur name any way..it should be "fatty_fag"

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Posted by cyf360n Sep 10, 2003

The account of fatty_lumpkin7 was taken from it's original user. The current user is posting these comments.

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