Tech Support: Always There For You

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NOTE: This is a true story of a real call to a computor company tech support.

One day a guy calls tech support. this is how it went...

Cust: Hello?

TS: Hello

Cust: Yeah, my cup holder broke and my computor is still under warranty, so I would like to get it replaced.

TS: Ummm cup holder?

Cust: yeah cup holder...

TS: Ummm did you get it with a promotional offer?

Cust: No

TS: Umm are you sure you got the right company?

Cust: Yeah

TS: Ummm... im sorry if i sound confused, because i am.

Cust: Well its square, and its on the front of the computor, and it comes out when you press a button...

At this point the Tech support guy had to put the guy on hold, so he could finish laughing...

The guy had broken his CD-rom drive, thinking it was a cup holder.

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Posted by fatty_lumpkin3 Sep 13, 2003

What genius steals a joke and then admits it? Besides Cody. By the way ultima, you mispelled computer.

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Posted by einat17 Nov 27, 2003

You guys! I reported this one as a duplicate and I got a "no" because the original is longer and contains other stuff, but this one is totally ripped off. the thing is that people don't even read the jokes on the duplicate page, they just check if the last few words or the first few words are the same. anyway, I can't report it as duplicate again, so does anyone else mind doing it?

Comment score: -1  

Posted by DennysGirl Aug 15, 2006

I always read the dupilcate page. Good joke...i saw this on some tech site that had lots of people being stupid it was so funny.

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