Golden Rat

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A man walked into a curio store and was shopping around. After awhile, a golden rat interested him and he went to purchase it.
"That'll be $20 for the rat and $1,000 for the story behind it," said the shop owner.

"Thanks, but I'll just take the rat for $20 and leave the story". He bought the golden rat and left the store. While walking down the street, he saw all sorts of rats following him. The further he walked, even more rats came. He went down to the docks and still more rats ran out and followed him. So he walked out into the water, and all the rats drowned. He returned to the curio store soon after.

"Sooo," said the proprietor. "You've come back for the story, I thought so!"

"Nope," said the man. "Got any golden lawyers?"

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