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There was a blonde, a brunette and a red head on an island and they were almost starving. In the end the brunette decided she would rather die trying to get back to land, which looked about 20 miles away, than stay on the island and starve.
So she started swimmming and got about 10 miles out before she gave up and drowned.
The red head decided she would do the same thing and she got 15 miles out before she gave up and drowned.
The blonde was lonely without the others so she swam out and got 19 miles out.
"Oh, I'm too tired!" she said.

So she swam back!

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Posted by Animeladd May 01, 2005

That is a really good joke, i've heard it before and it seems you didnt really explain properly, but Its still good ^_~

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Posted by boodler Jun 01, 2006

there's nothing wrong with this at all! perfectly told!

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Posted by Jeni_Music_Girl Jun 22, 2006

uhoh. , i just put in one that's a lot like this!

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