Voodoo Dick

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A man was about to die, so he went to a black magic store to get a voodoo dick. The man at the store said, "It works. Anything you tell it to go to, it goes. So your wife can just say, 'Voodoo dick, my pussy.'"
The man buys it and gives it to his wife. She says, "Voodoo dick, my pussy." It goes in and starts screwing. But she doesn't know how to get it out. So she speeds to the hospital, but a cop catches her. He says, "What's the hurry?" She says, "There's a voodoo dick stuck in my pussy." The cop says, "Voodoo dick, my ass!"

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Posted by Gizzer Aug 13, 2003


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Posted by dakini1 Aug 19, 2003


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Posted by BIGBOY Sep 24, 2003


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Posted by thedoublew Jun 27, 2008

wtf what happened to the original voodoo dick joke?

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