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Yo mama so short, she did a suicide jump off of the curb.

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Posted by dancinchick9190 Jul 20, 2004

This comment may be funny to some people. But also may affend others, I have a friend that commited suicide and it is not a joke, however I am not here to be your mother jusr warning you that , some jokes you make up can affend many people and I am one that it just affended.

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Posted by Misty Dec 23, 2004

Good Job! I almost lost a friend because of you!! She is super short and is easily offended. Once she saw that joke while we were just having fun surfing on the web, she exploded!!! We had a big fight and now we are BFF again out of a loooooooong silence! Oh yeah, I agree with dancinchick9190 because I also had a friend who commited suicide.

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Posted by knightdog Feb 22, 2005

Misty, if that ever happens again, tell your friend that it is only a joke, you did not know it was on there, you are not the one who posted it, and it was never meant to offend anyone.

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Posted by Bunnyman123 Apr 08, 2005


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Posted by tjm531 Jun 07, 2005

Where in that line did it say she committed suicide by jumping off the curb?? The definition of a suicide jump is one that is utterly dangerous and has the pontential to be life threatening for those who are stupid enough to do it. I.E. bungee jumping is suicide jumping.

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Posted by brain_dead Oct 06, 2005

it's just a joke!!!!!!!!! it fits togather i understand where u guys r comin from but come on give him a break. he was just trying to post a JOKE.

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Posted by sweettooth1479 Jan 05, 2006

dont feel bad alex1234 i know it was just a joke

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