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The day before Christmas break, a few kindergarten students decided to give their teacher a gift.

The first gift was from a little girl whos daddy was a florist. The teacher takes the present unwraps it and discovers it's flowers. She thanks the girl and takes the next present.
Its from a little boy whose daddy own a candy store. She unwraps the present and sure enough there's a box of chocolates. She thanks the boy and takes the last gift.
The last gift is from a boy whose daddy owns a liquor store. The gift is dripping with a weird liquid. Shocked that the boy's father would give him alcohol to give to a teacher, decides to say nothing and guess what it is.
"Is it champagne?"
The boy replies "No."
"Is it wine?"
The boy again replies "Nope."
The teacher gives up and asks what it is.
The excited boy yells, "ITS A PUPPY!"

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Posted by alex1234 Jul 28, 2003

Lets just say, we hope that she didn't drink it

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Posted by Gr8Girl Mar 23, 2004

haha...I have a dog, but who WRAPS a dog?

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Posted by blondjoksta Dec 30, 2004

Got Me!

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Posted by knightdog Feb 20, 2005

The dog must have been in the box for a long time and hadn't had a bathroom break for awhile.

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Posted by juggleboy502 May 08, 2005

i don't care if no one wraps a dog, this is absolutely hilarious!!! TO THE FAVORITES. Man, I love this one, Drunky!!!

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Posted by shimmermaid Jul 28, 2005


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Posted by Giglez Aug 03, 2005

I read this joke in J-14. But this is still pretty funny.

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Posted by joke_lover_101 Apr 07, 2006


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Posted by Smarty_Pants321 Dec 13, 2011


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