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Once there was a girl who wanted larger breasts, so one day she went to see her doctor, Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith told her to rub her breasts and repeat the following: "SCOOBIE,DOOBIE,LOOBIE, I WANT BIGGER BOOBIES".

One day she was running late, and decided to do her exercises on the bus when a guy came up to her and asked if she was a patient of Dr. Smith's, to which she replied: "Yes, how did you know?".


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Posted by prettygirl Nov 26, 2005

i dont get it would someone explain

Comment score: 1  

Posted by fauck Mar 26, 2006

what does this mean?

Comment score: 3  

Posted by joke_lover_101 Apr 13, 2006

it means that he wanted a bigger dick

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Posted by fauck Apr 13, 2006

where did that come from? i don't see where you get that.

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