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There's a blind old lady who live with her 5 grand children. Every morning the kid's got up and prepared to go to school, just before they left they each gave her a kiss and walk out at the same time she touches' the kid's face and call out their name.
After school they each gave her a kiss at the front door and head in, as each kid's kiss her, she just touch the kid's face and she would say, "Hello Simon, Your getting chubby every day."
She touches another face and she said, "Hello Sarah, Your getting finer."
She feels the other kid. "Hello Tom."
"Hello Mark, You're looking fine.
"Hello Marry, You are beautiful.
However mark, is so annoyed by her grandmother that he decided to put her into a test, if she know who's face and what she's touching, so he climb up the window, walk at the door to her grandma, pull down his pants and bend over letting his grandma touch his butt.
As she was touching his butt, she asks, "Oh Simon, What happen to your face??"

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