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I just wrote this out of boredom. I do not care what you think. If you think this bad, I can't help but say, "Go fuck yourself".

A couple had been fighting for quite a while. The husband is just craving for sex. One night when they're in bed:

Husband: You know, it's fun.
Wife: Huh?
Husband: It's fun!
Wife: What? What's up with you all of a sudden? What's fun?
Husband: It's fun!
Wife: What is?
Husband: IT'S fun!
Wife: Grrr. Fuck you!
Husband: YEAH, THAT!

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Posted by evil996 Oct 17, 2011

I think I was drunk when I submitted this....

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Posted by da1bearsfan Oct 23, 2011

oh boy where to begin on this one.... sigh....

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