These are real books you can buy

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'The Romance of Leprosy', E Mackerchar 1949

'Why bring that up? a guide to seasickness', J F Montague 1936

'Penetrating Wagner's Ring', John L Di Gaetanao 1978

'Constipation & our Civilization', J C Thomson 1943

'A pictorial book of tongue coating', Anon 1981

'A Government committee of Enquiry on the Light metal artificial Leg', Captain Henery Hulme & Chisholm Baird 1923

'Daddy was an undertaker', McDill, McGown & Gassman 1952

'Amputation Stumps: Their care & after-treatment', Sir Godfrey Martin Huggins 1918

'A Study of Masturbation & its reputed Sequelae', J F W Meagher 1924

'Sex after Death', B J Ferrell & D E Frey 1983

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