The Short Story Of Moe

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Moe the midget always gets bullied by Terrance the tall goon. After many months of getting bullied and
being made fun of his size, Moe has had it.

One day, Moe challenges Terrance saying, "If you can do everything I can, then I will leave town forever and if you can't, then you will have to leave town and never return." Terrance accepts with confidence.

For the first round, Moe does 10 back-flips continuously. A crowd watching the whole thing, claps. Unfortunately,
Terrance also does the back-flips and wins the round.

For the second round, Moe does a hand stand and walks around for several minutes without losing balance. This round is also won by Terrance.

For the final round, Moe ask for Terrance to spread his legs apart while standing. Terrance does so. Moe runs in between Terrance's legs 5 times and says, "Now YOU do that," and Moe spreads his legs apart . . .

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