AAAAAAAAHHHH smells like freshness

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This lonely little boy was sitting at home, and he recently discovered the noises and smells that can emit from his body in the form of a fart.

So the bored little boy decided to travel the world looking for the best fart,

He went to Canada and realized that the cold temperature caused the farts to be really short.

He went to Mexico and realized all the spicy foods caused really uncomfortable farts.

All other parts of the world had interesting farts but not what the boy was looking for.

Feeling that he failed, the boy went back home after his yearly trips around the world, only to walk in on his mom bending over into an oven attempting to pull a cake out.

In the middle of her attempt she ripped the biggest fart in the world,

The boy was immediately excited he found the best fart,

Which proves the moral of the story

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