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One day, I was bored and I felt like going for a ride on my bicycle. I hadn't been used for a while, since I use my car. So, I dusted it off and went off for a 1 hour ride.

I was going down the street and I'm known for my absent mindedness. I didn't notice this guy was crossing the street and I went and bumped into him. Now, this man was mad cause he was wearing his new white pants and my tire got it all dirty. I got off my bike and he gave me a scolding for 2 minutes until some passersby came to my rescue and calmed him down.

One of 'em said "Hey, calm down buddy. He's just a kid"(I am 17).
And the man says "A kid?! Look at him! He looks like he can MAKE kids now!". I was like "Wha...? Hey, you're lucky I wasn't drivin' my car!".

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