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One day, I was about to tell my 'Micky Mouse is Mad' joke to my friends, when I get to the part "Mickey Mouse was in the Divorce court..." One of my friends interrupted me and started yelling... "But why is it Mickey Mouse? Why not Steamboat Willie? Or George?"
Losing interest, I noticed there was a post-it on my backpack.
I threw it to my second friend. He opened it and read 'Fluffy?', and threw it to my first friend droning on and on and on and on and on and....

He said this.
"Why is Steamboat Willie the same as Mickey Mouse? Steamboat Willie is a boat driver and Mickey Mouse does NOTHING. He just sits around being all-" then he got the post-it.
"FLUFFY? He just sits around being FLUFFY?"
We laughed than I said I'd post this on Wocka. I got home and started typing 'One day, I was about to tell my 'Micky Mouse is Mad' joke to my friends....

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