Fun Things to Do At School (NOT a Duplicate!)

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I thought up ALL OF THEESE. I am NOT duplicating anyone (except for 15 and 14, from the American 'Whose Line is it anyway?') So if you want a good "Fun things" and you don't want to keep seeing duplicates, read on.
1.When the math teacher asks you a question, purposely answer incorrectly. Persist. See how long it keeps going.
In my class, this really happened with a kid named Rahul. The teacher asked him how many centimeters were in a meter, and he kept on saying "1" and he kept it going for the rest of the period. ( 20 minutes!!! )

2. When reading a book, scream, "NO! DON'T!!! LOOK OUT!"

3. Whenever you pick up a pencil, say the word "potato" or some other random word. Say it again when you set it down. See how long it takes for people to get what's happening.

4. Doodle in your notebook. At the end of the period, ask the teacher if he/she thinks that they're good.

5. Open a book and set it down like a tent. When attempting to enter it, keep crying "D'oh!" as long as you can.

6. Play cards.

7. Take all of the computers in the computer lab off of the internet.

8. Ask trivial questions, like, "Why is the subject called 'History?' why not Schnurples?" If you do that, use Schnurples for 'History' in all the rest of your papers.

9.If the school has those phones with the large blocks that go up and down when you take the phone off the hook, tape it down. The teacher will miss a call, and trust me, it's pretty annoying.

10. Give an apple to the teacher- but make sure it actually has a worm in it.

11. Create a set of common words (the, or, as, so, etc..) and scream whenever someone uses one of them.

12. If you are gifted with farting at will then fart whenever someone uses one of the words.

13. If you can't fart at will, burp.

14. Only speak in questions.

15. Only use a certain amount of words in each sentence.

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