5 Awesome Bathroom Pranks!

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1. Thinly smear a layer of white shaving cream on a white toilet seat and wait for the next poor sap to sit down.

2. Get some poppers (the little white paper balls with the flint in them) and place them under the pegs of a toilet seat. When the next person sits down, the loud BANG will scare the shit out of them.

3. Take some liquid hand soap and mix it with water, then, dab your finger in the liquid and write something on the mirror. Once dried, the soap should be nearly invisible. The next time someone takes a shower and fogs up the mirror, the writing will appear.

4. If you have a shower head that screws off, this prank can be priceless. Unscrew the head an carefully pour red
kool-aid (oh yeah!) into the shower head, then screw it back on. The next time someone takes a shower, the water will run blood red.

5. If you have access to itching powder, pour some on the seat or on the toilet paper. If you have no itching powder, mix shaved stubble with a small amount of shaving cream and dab it on the seat.

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