Airport Baggage

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It was my first vacation out of my home country - I was going to Australia. It was also going to be my first time on a plane, so I got a nice, large, purple bag with one of the long, pull-out handles and wheels on the bottom so you can pull it around. It was a new experience for me! But, when I got to Australia, I watched the carousel go around and I saw nothing but the long handle. I even checked the sticker, and it was from my bag. I was furious. I walked up to a woman who worked at the airport and said, "Explain this to me!" She looked at the handle.
"Are you sure that's your bag?" she replied.
"Yes!" I cried, "but I'm missing most of it!"
"Well, did you leave it unattended at some point?"
"I guess I must've!"
"Okay, now we've nicked it. Tell me what it looks like so we can get it back."
More angry than before, I cried, "Well, it's got a long black handle!"

The woman wrote that down.

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