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Can you tell the headline by the satirical publication "The Onion" from these real headlines?

"Couple recalls war years, 63 years of marriage.''

"Gun who killed officer said to have mental problems."

"Smokers asked to keep butts off beach."

"Volunteers needed to help abuse victims."

"Study finds link between red wine, letting mother know what you really think."

"Orleans seeks tenants for new jail."

1. "Sudbury Town Crier" (Massachusetts)
2. "Times-Standard" (Eureka, California)
3. "San Diego Union-Tribune"
4. "Santa Barbara News-Press"
5. "The Onion"
6. "Daily News" (Batavia, New York)

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Posted by snakeyboy Oct 04, 2009

Yay! I have read way to much onion to have recognized it easily.

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