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NFL - National Farting Legends
BC - Before Comedy
BAD - Being A Dumbass
BEG - Big Evil Grin
BF - Begging Forgiveness
AA - Admirable Alcoholics
NASA - Never Associate Sex with Aircrafts
AAAAA - American Association Against Acronym Abuse
ATLA - Another Three Letter Acronym
BANANA - Being A Nuisance And Never Apologizing
BFI - Bunch of F***ing Idiots
BICBW - But I Could Be Wrong (used rarely)
BMTIPG - Brilliant Minds Think In Parallel Gutters
BSOD - Blue Screen Of Death
CADET - Can't Add, Doesn't Even Try
COTFLGOHAHA - Crawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out And Having A Heart Attack (why don't we see this more often?)
CPF - Can Pigs Fly? (well can they???)
CRAFT - Can't Remember A F***ing Thing
CRS - Can't Remember S***
CYA - Cover Your Ass
CUNT - Computer User Non-Technical

and did you know...

ACRONYM - Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning AKA Always Creating Random Odd Nicknames You Memorize

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