At Least I Survived

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If you become a registered user you can vote on this joke. when I was little my parents would fight all the time. Is there any married couple in the world that doesn't do this? Anyways, my mom hated paper towels. She just did. Especially the half-sized ones. Apparently there was no point in wasting a paper towel when you could use a dish towel. Quite understandable.
My dad, on the other hand, felt differently. "Why use a dirty old dish rag when you can buy some decent paper towels and reuse them?"
Whenever I walked into the kitchen with the purpose of washing my hands, I would quickly scan the room and see who was there. If my dad was around, I would grab a paper towel. He would always give me that sincere yet smug smile and think that he had won the whole battle of Dish Rag vs Paper Towel. If my mom was around, there was always a dish towel in reach. She, too, would smile slightly when I picked it up.

My Lesson Learned As A Child: It IS possible to please everyone...if you are sneaky.

My childhood was tough.

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Posted by Joker159 May 10, 2012

What if they are both in the same room?

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