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This is the conversation from "That 70s Show" when Fez first "does it." Note: If you have never seen the show, these are, you guessed it, teenagers.

Fez: Knock-knock.
Kelso: Who's there?
Fez: I did it!
*Everyone claps*
Kelso: Wait, wait, I wanna hear this. I did it who?
Eric: Wait a minute...this isn't like the time you bought a hamster, named it Virginity, and lost it?
Fez: No, this is the real thing.
Kelso: You know, I had a hamster once. I tied him up to a helium balloon with a note, made it all the way to Minnesota.
Eric: Alive?
Kelso: No, I'm going to send a dead hamster up in a balloon.
Eric: So, come on, tell us all about it.
Fez: Well, it was incredible. Nina and I started off kissing in the living room, then we moved to the bedroom where we undressed, and, uh, well then...then we did it.
Kelso: Details, Fez, we need details!
Fez: Well, our faces didn't line up right, so I kept bumping my chin on her nose. And then there were some sounds.
Hyde: What kind of sounds?
Fez: Well, I will say this, it was not applause. There was no romantic music like in the movies, so I had to hum. And then Nina told me to stop humming. And then, uh, then I started again without realizing it. And then she got mad. And then I think she got sad.
Jackie: Oh, well don't feel bad, Fez, she probably just felt bad she was doing it with a foreigner.
Fez: And then afterwards, I went into the bathroom and, uh, and cried a little...and then I snuck out the back door.
Donna: Poor Fez. You know, at least it couldn't have been any worse.
Fez: I left my underwear in her bathroom.

I have seen this scene dozens of times and it always makes me crack up.

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