Heads I Win, Tails You Lose!

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Melvyn and Max were left quite a large plot of land by their rich father. However, this caused the two sons much grief. For months they argued long and hard over how the land should be divided between them. The solution just wasn't that simple, so they took the problem to their priest. "Father," said Melvyn, "can you please help us solve our problem?"

As soon as he had heard their case, Father Murphy said, "Come back tomorrow and we'll talk again." The next day, Melvyn and Max returned and the priest gave them his solution. He gave Max a coin and said, "You can toss the coin."

"And you," said Father Murphy to Melvyn, "can call it, heads or tails. Whoever wins the toss will divide the land."

"But that won't work," said Max, "we'll be right back from where we started."

"But not," said Father Murphy, "if the one who wins the toss divides the land and the other one gets first choice!"

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Posted by yourwrstnitemare Sep 21, 2008

why the hell is this rated PG?

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