Jenny's Wren

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Jenny walks into a pet shop and says to Bobby, the owner, "I want to buy a canary." "We have many types," says Bobby, "is there any particular one you're after?"

"Yes," replies Jenny, "its got to be a very good singer. I'm prepared to pay good money for a great singing bird."
"Lady, I've got the very one," says Bobby, "I've been in this business for a long time and this bird has the best singing voice I've ever heard - we don't call it 'Pavarotti' for nothing. I'll get it for you."

As he begins to climb a ladder to reach a small cage on the top shelf, Jenny says, "I hope you're not wasting your time. Just because you're climbing a ladder like a monkey won't make me feel obliged to buy this canary if it's not a real singing canary."

Bobby brings down the cage, places it on the shop counter and says to Jenny, "Just you listen." With that, the bird begins singing one beautiful song after another. Pleasantly surprised, Jenny murmurs, "What luck - this canary really can sing." But then, a few seconds later, Jenny shouts out, "Hey, this canary's only got one leg - are you trying to cheat me?"

Bobby replies, "Lady, do you want a singer or a dancer?"

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