The Man Who Can't Speak Clearly

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There once was a man who couldn't speak correctly. He wanted to go buy some stuff for his wife. First, he needed to buy a bucket. "Excuse me sir, can I buy a fuck-it?" the man asked. The clerk said, "You mean a bucket?" "Yes, that's what I said, a fuck-it." While the man was walking he found some gum. "Oh look, bum." He took the gum and walked to the pet store. He wanted to buy a cocker spaniel. "Excuse me sir, can I buy a cock-and-spank-it?" "Sure, but you do mean a cocker spaniel?" "Yes, that's what I said, a cock-and-spank-it."

As the man was walking, and his dog ran away. The man asked a stranger, "Excuse me miss, can you hold my bum and fuck-it, while I get my cock-and-spank-it?"

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Posted by brain23 Aug 13, 2008

That's funny!

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