Boy With His Spelling Words..

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A boy was assigned a job to do a list of spelling words for his class. The boy asked the teacher what spelling words to do. She replies "Ask your family for help if you can't think of anything." So the boy went home to ask his family for any help.

"Mom, can you give me a spelling word for my list?" the boy asked. The mother was so busy on the phone, that she told her son to shut up. The boy thought "Shut Up!" was the word that his mother gave him. So he wrote it down, and walked along to his sister's room. His sister was on the computer, reading about a diary out loud. The boy asked the same thing to his sister, except this time, she replies with "Whatever.." So the boy wrote it down, and moved along to his brother's room. The brother was watching Batman. When he came in, before even asking the question, the brother started to sing the batman theme song. "DUN-DUN..DUN-DUN!!!BATMAN!!" So the boy thought his brother was a physic and wrote it down. Last, but not least, his father was the last one. His father was in the bathroom, washing the toilet. He started to sing his favorite song during cleaning time. "In the toi--lot.. INNNNNN the TOI--LOT!!! The boy wrote that down without a doubt. Then, as he finished packing his bag for school tomorrow, he re-read the paper. Then he snickered, put the paper in his bag, and went to sleep.

The next day, the boy quickly came into the class with the other kids. The teacher asked the boy if he could read the first word, the boy did as he was told, and said "Shut Up!!" The teacher was very displeased and told the boy a warning. The boy continued to read his words even if he wasn't told. He said "Whatever.." in a tone that wasn't very nice. So the teacher did as her words told her, she sent him to the principal's office. The principal asked what was the boy's name. With that, he continued to say his list of words. "DUN-DUN..DUN-DUN!!!BATMAN!!" Then principal was a bit of surprised, but still guessing the boy thinks this is a game, so he went along. "Ok batman, why don't you tell me where your hideout is.. The boy said "In the toi--lot.. INNNNNN the TOI--LOT!!!"

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Posted by polgadot Aug 19, 2008

met im in ta bat cave cool down dere

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